Loraine Lynch-Kelly Interim Director 

Loraine joins the teaching school on secondment until Easter 2021 continuing the fantastic work Judy Beer started in 2018.

She is currently Vice Principal i/c Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at Saint Martin's Catholic Academy, having been a secondary Head of English, and taught at Years 5 and 6 at Saint Peter's, Hinckley for 4 most enjoyable years. 

 Since January, 2019, she has been seconded to DfE on the Science Curriculum Project and had the privilege to work with hundreds of wonderful teachers to eradicate educational hornets and gather the beautiful butterflies that have transformed theirs and thousands of pupils' lives. 

 Predicated on her passion for social justice, she believes every pupil is entitled to learn, 'the best which has been thought and said' and to know they are loved by us and by God. 

 At the same time, every teacher deserves excellent research-based training and the sincere investment in them to become even better. The key ingredients of Behaviour, Memory and Curriculum, as well as the wondrous simplicity of highly-effective teaching mantras, shared explicitly with every teacher, Department, Faculty, School can seriously change lives. I know that the managers of our Trust caring deeply for their staff, part of which is to to ensure that investment in them, ensuring their workload has the highest impact for the least, most incisive input.